A diploma or certificate of degree is a record issued by an educational institution, for instance a college or a university, certifying that an individual has obtained a degree or has successfully completed a course of study.

A diploma typically contains:

  • The recipient’s full name.
  • The recipient’s date and place of birth.
  • The period of study.
  • The field of study or specialization.
  • The name of the university or college conferring the degree certificate.
  • The signatures of the Chairman of the State Examination Commission, the Rector of the college or university, and the Dean of the Faculty.

The purpose of a diploma of higher education is to entitle the recipient to perform professional activities of any kind connected with the qualifications and specialization mentioned in the degree certificate.

The time needed to obtain diplomas in specific disciplines varies depending on the institution conferring the title. However, on average, the number of years and semesters is as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree: 4-5 years (8-10 semesters).
  • Master’s degree: 2 years (4 semesters).
  • PhD: 2-3 years (4-6 semesters).

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