High-quality Legal Translations

We are a Dubai-based translation company with partners and collaborators in all corners of the world. Our decentralized team comprises translators, project managers, copywriters, interpreters, DTP experts and vendor managers located in different countries. This way we are able to take advantage of time zone differences and successfully manage projects 24/7.

Our Mission

We steadily work to provide top quality translation services and interpretation services to companies and private individuals by perfecting our work day after day. In the long term we aim at becoming one of the top Language Service Providers in the Middle East and Europe thanks to the professionalism of our international team.

Our Vision

We see ourselves as a medium for building bridges among different countries, languages and cultures, thereby eliminating apparently unbreakable barriers. Our ultimate goal is to promote exchanges of knowledge and know-how between individuals and organizations. We believe that our vision is the key to success, which has allowed us to stand apart from the competition.

Our Values

We are always on a mission to satisfy our clients’ needs. In order to do so, we constantly apply a set of values that fully reflects our corporate culture:

  • excellence: we work hard every day to provide excellent services to our clients;
  • commitment: we care deeply about our clients’ needs and we are strongly committed to satisfying them;
  • integrity: we firmly believe in business ethics and we require our translators to follow a strict code of conduct;
  • success: our priority is to help our clients to achieve success thanks to our translation and interpreting services;
  • education: we keep up to date with the latest translation and interpreting trends and technologies;
  • teamwork: we believe that teamwork is the most effective way to provide our clients with the best language services;
  • reliability: we aim at winning your trust by showing you utmost reliability and confidentiality.

Why Choose Us?

We are a Dubai-based translation company specialized in high-quality legal translations, technical translations and marketing translations, as well as interpretation services with technical assistance and equipment rental, and copywriting services. We have worked for international leading companies and institutions and we are member of prestigious associations such as GALA and ELIA. The company was founded by Italian professional interpreter and certified translator Matteo Ippoliti. Now it comprises a network of over 2,000 linguists with expertise in over 100 languages, as well as a decentralized in-house team. Team members are scattered in all corners of the world, allowing us to take advantage of time zone differences and efficiently manage projects 24/7.

Legal Translations

We are one of the fastest growing legal translation providers in the world. We pride ourselves on offering top quality legal translation services to our national and international clients. We are certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all of our translators are authorized by the Ministries to deliver certified legal translations in all the world’s major languages.

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