Litigation Documents

A litigation is the usual legal method for solving disputes or controversies among people, organizations, and the government. In litigation processes, the parties involved bring a case before a court of law having the jurisdiction to hear the case.

Depending on the type of case, different documents must be tracked in litigation. Litigation documents are often required in order to settle legal controversies. Litigation documents are prepared during the course of the lawsuit. Since they are filed with a court, generally under deadlines, and they mention the basic theories and strategies for winning the case, they are to be considered very important. Therefore, the legal team involved in the case must have control over these documents.

Litigation documents include different types of documents filed in a case, for instance:

  • correspondence and e-mail between attorneys and the court
  • discovery documents
  • deposition transcripts (including summaries)
  • pleadings
  • motions
  • briefs
  • expert witness reports

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