Since its foundation almost a decade ago, Langpros has successfully accomplished various goals.

We are more than proud of our global network of certified and trained translators and interpreters who master both foreign languages and cultures in order to grant high-quality services. No matter the size, field or difficulty of the projects our clients gave us, we have always reached flattering feedbacks from them. 

Recently we have been rewarded with some articles on newspapers regarding our international prestigious events where we took care of interpreting and translations along with some interviews where we present our wide range of language services.

This positive reviews from Media in local newspapers enhanced our willing to continue this journey of hard work and dedication.

Our team is constantly working for this purpose to maintain high standards and to pursue our vision and mission.

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Gulf News, 29 August 2019 – page 6  

Last February 2019 the UAE hosted an historical and prestigious event: Pope Francis’s visited the country for the first time to give a unique message of peace, cooperation and tolerance. A remarkable document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together was also signed during this historic visit. 

Langpros was given the honor to provide its language services for the event: our linguists translated the English version of the book dedicated to the Pope’s visit and worked on the interpreting of the event in Italian, English and Spanish.

Dubai translator of Fraternity Document humbled” on the 6th page of Gulf News was then released on 29 August 2019 and Sharmila Dhal presented Langpros contribution to developing the message of the Holy Father of education and human fraternity across the countries.

The UAE decided to dedicate 2019 to “tolerance” in order to promote openness towards people and different cultures. This visit was crucial for this campaign, and Pope Francis’s visit was embraced by the Grand Imam of Al Azhar, Dr. Ahmad Al Tayyeb and the Authorities of the United Arab Emirates. Tens of thousands attended the mass delivered by the Holy Father and witnessed the historic event.

Langpros’ outstanding experience, through the words of its founder Matteo Ippoliti, included written translation and simultaneous interpretation for this event.A great challenge for the Langpros team that required the usual professionalism and high-level of expertise.

We felt humbled” as stated in the article, the opportunity was undoubtedly huge but the success came after a long path of effort and extreme dedication.

Khaleej Times


Khaleej Times, 16 April 2019 – Special Issue “Shaping the Future” – page 27

The UAE has always been a “land of opportunity” associated with an international multicultural community where all the dreams come true. No wonder people from all over the world live together in this global hub pursuing successful goals and great achievements.

Being a mixture of modern technologies and alpha city attractions, ambitions businessmen and global giants established in the UAE to make the most of it in terms of economic growth.

In the special issue “Shaping the future” of the Khaleej Times, Sandhya D’ Mello guides us to discover some of nowadays business leading personalities in the UAE like the Present and CEO of Dubai Chamber and the Vice President of Internal Participant of the upcoming Expo 2020 that will be hosted by the Uae in Dubai.

These entrepreneurs share their innovative and visionary thoughts and experience in the interview, all of them chose the UAE as a pre-eminent center for business and the right place to pursue entrepreneurial success. Innovative visions, embracing tolerance and multiculturalism, hard work and talent are the key factors they all have in common.

Langpros’ founder Matteo Ippoliti contributes himself every day with his vision making the difference by providing with his Company high-quality language services from interpreting to translation in over 100 languages.

Presented in the article as one of the leading translation and interpreting firms in the region, Langpros has been accredited by local and international institutions, such as the UAE Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Justice and the Italian Embassy. Ambition and professionalism are combined towards more mutual and brighter goals.